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Fleur de Life Jewelry



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The Design Story

Beautiful Mookaite heart stone... each stone is a little unique... different patterns... range of colors from sand to goldenrod to red to purple. At 44mm wide, this is perfect for large stone statement pieces or to embellish as a specimen piece. These are perfect as Valentine's Day or wedding party gifts or for commitment ceremonies. Gift a special someone , your bridesmaid, wife, mother, friend, co-worker or yourself with this beautiful stone. Each photo contains a picture of two different stones. 

Mookaite is known to facilitate celebrating changes in one's life - both from a pragmatic standpoint and from a calming standpoint. Change always provides the opportunity to take the new adventurous path or the familiar, well-traveled path. Mookaite assists with understanding that either choice is good, the ability to discern between personal needs and urgency, and to calm oneself from both over-excitement and adverse responses to change. This stone is also recognized by metaphysical sources as one of the "protectors".   


These beautiful heart stones can be used as altar or matrix stones, for reiki or other healing work, or simply to remind you of an intention or meditative focus. Each stone comes gift boxed with a beautiful brochure that describes the qualities of the stone(s) and a blessing that represents the energy drawn for the stone. As a Certified Clearance Technologist and Reiki master, I create with the specific intent to draw and invoke positive and loving thoughts that amplify the beauty and qualities of the materials. This is my passion, which in turn, enhances the natural qualities of each stone with the feelings of love, happiness, and good will. It is my intent that this will be passed on to the recipient of the stone. Why? The chances are that if you are happy, you will naturally spread it like wild fire to everyone around you too.


  • Mookaite Heart Shaped Palm Stone with Self-Authored Brochure (1 heart w/ brochure)
  • Color: Plum, Purple, Goldenrod, Red, Sand
  • Size: approx. 44mm wide x 40mm long x 23mm deep
  • Materials: Mookaite Heart Stone
  • Availability: Ready to ship.

Inspired by Fleur de Life Jewelry products? You are invited to Contact Us about a specific stone, energy, quality, or intent that you want to be the theme for a custom design.

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