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The Design Story

These Seven Chakra Meditation bracelets have been designed with a set of seven large hole beads, one for each chakra, and finished with a push clasp. I can provide stone lists upon request. I will pick out one of the bracelets pictured in this listing for you. Designed to facilitate balance and harmony in the seven chakras in the human body. There are seven centers of energy in the human body, each representing a physical organ and a specific area of spiritual development. These stones are some of those commonly recognized as energy enhancers for the seven centers. I frequently wear and place natural stones in my studio and use them for alignment, attunement, and lifting my energy throughout the day.  


This Seven Chakra Meditation bracelet has been handmade to create talisman jewelry for you that is beautiful, well made, and energized with positive, inspirational, and lifting thoughts. Natural stones are eco-friendly. This meditation bracelet will make a perfect complement to your yoga attire, favorite pair of jeans, or as a loving gift for your partner, your mother, a friend, family member, or co-worker.


  • Seven Chakras Meditation Bracelet
  • Size: Approximately 7 - 7.5 inches
  • Colors: Varied
  • Materials: Handmade Leather Bracelet with Push Clasp, Gemstone Large Hole Beads, Metal Push Clasp
  • Available now

Inspired by Fleur de Life Jewelry designs? You are invited to Contact Me about a specific energy, quality, or intent that you want to be the theme for a custom design.

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