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Fleur de Life Jewelry



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The Design Story

Are you a lover of faeries? Then these Sterling Silver Elven earrings are for you. The elven ear wires are wrapped with tiny peridot or tanzanite stones and finished with matching stone briolettes. So feminine! The sterling silver findings will magnify the natural energy of the green stones. 

Peridot: Designed with the energy of warmth and abundance, Peridot is reported to be a stone of abundance, warmth, protection and the stone of a Seer. The peridot is symbolic of the ability to see and realize an abundant life full of color and light.

Tanzanite: Designed with the energy of Be Still with Spirit allowing you the sacred space to connect with your higher self and develop your inner, intuitive skills. Tanzanite is reported to assist with meditation and your communication with the world of spirit.


These Elven earrings are used to make a handmade talisman created for you that is beautiful, well made, and energized with positive, inspirational, and lifting thoughts. Natural stones and precious metals are eco-friendly and the stones really sparkle! These earrings will make a loving gift for your wedding, a bridesmaid, your wife or lover, your mother, a friend, family member, or co-worker.


  • Sterling Silver Elven Earrings
  • Length: approx. 2 inches
  • Color: Spring Green, Tanzanite Blue
  • Materials: Peridot rondelles and briolettes, Tanzanite rondelles and briolettes, sterling silver wire
  • Availability: Ready to Ship.

Inspired by Fleur de Life Jewelry designs? You are invited to Contact Us about a specific energy, quality, or intent that you want to be the theme for a custom design.

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